One Nation – One Leader Imran Khan Tshirt

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The only hope and real leader of Pakistan “Imran Khan”.  We stand with Imran Khan to bring the change in Pakistan and remove all corruption. One Nation One Leader Imran Khan T-shirt with Khan’s Army on the back side.

For all the Pakistanis and PTI supporters, one nation one leader Imran Khan T-shirt is just for you.

This design is dedicated to all the people of Pakistan who believes in the vision and concept of the Imran Khan and future of better Pakistan.

All of the Imran Khan T-shirts are available in the interlock cotton fabric as well as have clear and fast prints for you to stand out from the crowd.

These customized T-shirts are designed to keep the concept of Naya Pakistan and revolution of the nation against corruption.

It is dedicated to the hard work and vision of Imran Khan for better future.

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Large (32"-34" waist), Medium (29"-31" waist), Small (25"-28" waist), XL (35"-37" waist)


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