Privacy & Cookies is owned and operated by the Destiny SEO and reserved the rights to its name. We value and takes trust if our customers very seriously that is why have high standards for the security and privacy of the client’s information as well as transactions.

The privacy policy of covers all the area which is related to the client personal information as well as how we use, share and secure it. As we take privacy policy of our online store very seriously, in case the customer does not agree on any of the clauses of the Privacy Policy, they must not proceed with the site.

However, our privacy policy is subject to change any moment without giving prior notice, therefore before making any purchases or continuing with the site please checks the privacy policy first. In case the customer has used and made purchases, we will consider his/her acceptance to the privacy policies as well as any changes made in it and he/she is bound to the privacy policy and changes made in it.

Customers must read and understand the privacy policy before using the online store as they are responsible for reviewing any changes to the policy whatsoever. The client in the case have sum-mated their information and did not use the site, the information will remain secure and according to the policy before any changes.

What information is collected by the site?

Personal information: requires basic and personal information for the identification purpose of the customer to avoid scamming and fraud. This information will help you in setting up the personal account on the site, allow you to communicate with the client service representative of the site via email, contact us, chat or phone call.

The personal information is also necessary for setting up the participation spot for any contest, survey, gifts, offers and promotions on the site. Also in case of Gift Card, discount card or involvement in any event organized by the site etc. all of the above actions can take place once the customer shares their personal information with us which remains secure with us such as name, postal address, email address, phone or mobile number, credit card number and details as well as the information of the person whom you want your order to be shipped such as their name, address, phone number and postal; address.

The personal information can include your IP address, product preference, and interest as well as your opinions as well. We will also collect some more information with the help of technology to make your shopping experience better and reduce any chances of fraud. It is done by receiving the information of your device on which you are using the website such as its network, mobile application or location, etc. by using different automatic methods like cookies, web beacons and web server.

Sensitive information:

There is some information required to make a purchase from the site which is confidential information. It includes the details of your bank account, credit card details, debit card details, information of any financial institution you are using to transfer the amount or make purchases, password, your mental and physical health, any medical history as well as your sex. it will help you proceed and avail any offers or services from our online store.

Sometimes we also ask for your product preference and your present as well as future affiliates to keep the record of your interest which will help us make the shopping experience better for you.


This online store is directed to be used by the people who are above the age of 18 years and considered adults by the law. In case you are not above 18 years old, you can visit and have a look at the site but cannot make any purchases, register yourself to the site as well as provide us any of your information.

This website is not designed for the use of minors, children of under age 18 and must not submit any information to the site, make any purchase and use it for providing any personal information to the site. In case any minor does any damage, the parents or guardian will be responsible and liable to compensate for the minor.

Why is information of the customer or user collected?

There can be many reasons and purposes of receiving the personal and sensitive information of the client, some of which are listed below:

  • Show you more options of your ordered products which are associated, relevant or alternative of your preference; this will help you compare and decide better.
  • It also helps the site to proceed with your gifts and discounts.
  • It helps us observe the customer behavior and choices which make us understand about your likings.
  • Your data is used to conduct the marketing and performance researchers who improve our client services, product listing and bench-marking, overall improving your shopping experience.

Not each customer receives the promotional offers and marketing material.

Where is the personal and sensitive information shared and with whom?

We do not share your information with any unauthorized persons, only officials and individuals listed below can access entire or some part of your personal and sensitive information.

  • Companies or organizations affiliated with us.
  • Service providers of the company who required the information to process the delivery, transactions and legal requirement. Not all of your information is shared with them; therefore some part of it is disclosed to these service providers. Also, the authorized people can access this information to complete the procedure.
  • We may share this information with third parties but with your consent and permission such as Facebook.

Security of your personal and sensitive information: doesn’t rent or sell any personal and confidential information of their customers to any third party. But your personal and confidential information may disclose partially or fully to any third party only for the purpose of completion of purchase, payment or research which is necessary for the business to receive and process your information.

The information disclosed is solely for the purpose of evaluation, operation and managing the order, not any other reason aside from the policy.

Other than anything which is mentioned in the Privacy Policy the company reserve the rights for providing and disclosing any sensitive and personal information to the business or organization where disclosing the information is necessary and mandatory, under the law obligation.

This information can be communicated to the law enforcing authorities, government, etc. without providing any prior notice to the user.

Cookies: may track your activities and the preferences on the site with the help of cookies. Cookies are small files which store data and transferred to your computer drive by a site which will store and record the information on it. This information consist of the activates like how many time the user has visited the site, how long and other activates such as product and content preference, therefore, it helps in making the site better for you and your usage such as it will store which page you visited most and what products you clicked and seen most. There are many companies, website and online store which use cookies as many browsers allow cookies, but you can also use options to block cookies.

As mentioned above when you use this site, you agree and aware of the cookies we send. In case you don’t, go to the settings and block cookies which may affect the site performance.

How long we retain personal and sensitive information?

We only keep your personal and confidential information as long it is necessary and required to us or by the law and regulation authorities. Otherwise, we keep your information as long as it is needed for a reason it was collected such as legal, accounting, research and administrative purpose.

This information will help you protect against any inappropriate use and disclose according to the Privacy Policy.

We make sure that all the security measures are taken to protect your personal and sensitive information against and loss, disclosing, alteration, access, illegal and unauthorized destruction.

Withdraw your information from us:

You can opt-out any time from us and remove your information from promotional, marketing and communication methods. If you are not willing to receive any news and offers from us, please contact us by emailing (email address) or unsubscribing from our site.

Withdraw your consent:

There can be many reasons a customer wants to remove the agreement from our website, in case you want it to contact us on our customer support or email us.


We take precautions and safety measures to secure your personal and sensitive information. Therefore, we use advanced security options which collect, stores and secures your information. We have proper methods to secure your information from any misuse or unauthorized access, also allows you to review and edit your information.

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