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We are the first and highly trusted supplier of PTI election campaign products. Our vast inventory of PTI products include PTI tshirts, PTI flags, PTI caps, PTI mufflers, badges, PTI table flags, PTI kurtas and much more.

Our promotional experts are ready to help you with the best ideas for the election campaigns and we are on top for social media marketing campaigns.

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Our Top PTI Election Campaign Products

Whether you are an active PTI supporter or someone who wakes up at election-day, our custom made election items are best to pump up the spirit and support Pakistan’s number 1 political party – PTI.

  • PTI T-Shirts

Think promotional products and not think about t-shirts would be a disappointment in itself. Our custom made PTI t-shirts would boost your moral while attracting a number of your fellows to support and promote 2018’s next elections.

One of the best campaign products, our t-shirts are versatile, appropriate for PTI followers for any type of promotional outburst. Mix and match green and red colors on our t-shirts reflect the idea of unity, togetherness, and advocacy of justice exactly what Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf preaches.


  • PTI P-Caps

Our cost-effective PTI signature caps are not only subtle but also uplift the morale of our cap wearers. Source of encouragement, inspiration, and creativity our P-caps let you announce the power of bat that has been outshining since years of success.

For all the cap wearers, switching to P-caps would support as well as commend the power of Pakistan’s favorite political party- PTI. So waste no time and go for it!


  • PTI Peshawari Caps

High-end Peshawari karakul caps has been loved by Peshwari men since years. Highlighting the tradition, PTI understands the value of the Peshawari culture by producing the high-quality, 100% pure wool in colors of green and red caps.

Honoring the different cultures has always been PTI’s slogan. Show support and encourage the culture of Pakistan by buying the most loved Peshawari caps by Pakistan’s top political party. Don’t waste time, you might regret!

  • PTI Mufflers

Show great love and support for NAYA PAKISTAN by opting for high quality custom made muffler scarves specifically for the election campaign. Like Sir Imran Khan’s purity of words and struggle to secure Pakistan’s future, the items by PTI would make you believe in optimism.

Your purchase would indirectly advocate the Khan’s idea of justice, equality and ideal democracy in Pakistan. So hurry up! These mufflers might end in no time.

  • PTI Metal Badges

Are you patriotic individual of Pakistan? Do you need your country to flourish in the world? So don’t wait, support Imran Khan’s vision and his idea of great Pakistan again. Our custom-made metal badges with the variety of different designs, slogans, and IK pictures are all you need to support the PTI’s election campaign.

Support Pakistan Tehreek – e – Insaaf to make your dreams come true.

Other PTI products we are  selling:

  • PTI Flags

We have all types of PTI flags for election campaign in Pakistan. Our PTI flags quality include: soft silk, parachute, local cloth.

Sizes of PTI flags for sale: 18*28 inches, 24*36 inches, 36*54 inches.

Wholesale prices and buy PTI flags along with sticks in bulk quantity. Low prices on PTI flags in Pakistan.

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pti flags election jalsas

  • PTI car flags
  • PTI bike flags
  • PTI car hangers
  • PTI key chains
  • PTI colorful stickers
  • PTI table flags
  • PTI wrist bands
  • PTI kurtas for men and women

Partner with Hello Khan for custom campaign t-shirts, flags, caps, mufflers, and a host of ideas to make your candidates  successful.

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To book your call/whatsapp: 0331-6696045 or 0342-4032746

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