Terms & Conditions

The website terms and conditions will help you access this site, our services, tools, and applications.

By using and accessing this online store, the user confirms the complete understanding of T&C and agrees to it fully. In case you do not agree with any of the Terms and Conditions, don’t use, register, or access the website.

The site also reserves the right to add, remove, modify, change, and alter the terms and conditions anytime without providing any prior notice to the users. The variations in the terms and conditions will affect and apply to the site and its use. Therefore, users and customers are requested to check regularly for updates and changes in the terms and conditions.

It is considered that the users agree with all the changes of the T&C and have read and understood before accessing the website.

Before registering yourself to the website, accessing, and using it, the user must read and understand all the clauses of the T&C, Privacy Policy, and other policies of the site. Read all the website policies for better experience and understanding of the site policies, which will help the customer avoid any consequences.

Eligibility of the user

The users of Hellokhan.com can form legally binding contracts. Therefore, minors cannot purchase products from the website. The user must be 18 years, and above to use and access the site, and in case they do so, parents or legal guardians must supervise them.

Hellokhan.com offers its services to people age above 18 and has a sound mind. Otherwise, we reserve the right to withdraw access to the minor and unsound mind users.

The user must notify us when any unauthorized use of their id, account, and password occurs. The site must not be liable and responsible for any directly or indirectly loss and damage due to the failure or loss of the section.

When the user agrees to the Terms and Policies, they also agree to receive promotional and marketing emails, SMS, and notifications from the site. The user can opt-out for any time to obtain any information and promotional material from the website by contacting the Customer Service or unsubscribe from the site.

Registration obligation and your Account

For accessing, using, and registering on Hellokhan.com, the client has to follow the guidelines mentioned below:
Users are responsible for maintaining the privacy of the account details and registration details such as their account number, password. They must accept the responsibility of all the activities which occur under your account.

In case the user has lost or disclosed the account details of Hellokhan.com, the user must notify us. We will not be liable for any consequential loss - indirect or direct injury, goodwill, loss of profit, and damage as a result of disclosing the username, password, and account details.
The user is authorized to use the site with their account — using others account is not allowed. You must not use the account of any other person any time without their permission, in case they do so, Hellokhan.com is not responsible for it.

Until the user notifies and reimbursements are for any unauthorized, illegal, and improper use of their account, any activity is obligated under the user, either authorized or unauthorized.

We will provide accurate and correct account details and information about you which is stored in our registration data.

Use of the Site

Following are the terms a user must not do while using and accessing the site:

1. Age

The customer must be 18 years and above to use and access the site. In case the client is minor they shall use the site with parents or legal guidance supervision.

2. Legal law

Selling and purchasing of the products must be under the legislation of Pakistan and customers must follow the local law for purchasing the products online.

3. Personal details

The customers must provide correct and accurate personal details for registering, using and accessing the website. This information will be checked for identity to avoid any fraud and complete billing and shipping of the product.

4. Refuse to sale rights

We have the right to refuse to sell any product to any customer, and it is the sole decision of the hellokhan.com to do so.

5. Shipment

The delivery of the goods includes a third party, vendors, and courier services; therefore, we are not responsible in the case of delaying the product. We are not liable for the delay in shipment once the order is handed over to the delivery company.

6. Return

Once the customer wants to return the product, there must be conditions that fall under the return policy and when the vendor discretion is permitted. In any other case, the sale is considered final.

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